To qualify as a Team APE applicant, you must actively race a motorcycle, motorcycle race car, UTV or personal watercraft.

If you meet this qualification, send a resume (see below for tips on writing a resume), along with a photograph of your race vehicle to:

attn.: Team APE
7347 Rosamond Bl.
Rosamond, Ca. 93560

or send the resume and photograph(s) by email to

It is wise to send your resume early in the race season. Most companies have race programs budgeted shortly after the last race of a season. It is first-come-first-serve to get in the program. Depending on the type of racing, we have accepted resumes as late as midseason. After we receive your resume it typically takes 2-3 weeks before you hear from us. If you are accepted you will receive a contract, along with a letter explaining the benefits and what is to be required of you.


Please keep your resume's brief, yet thorough. We are concerned as to how you are going to represent APE in a positive way. Therefore we want to know what type of racing you do, how long you've been racing, the highlights of your last racing season (if any), and what you are going to do this year. Pictures should always accompany your resume. Here are some questions that we will be thinking as we read your resume;

* Does the team/racer convey family oriented sports?

* Will there be plenty of exposure to spectators?

* Will this racer/team represent our company in a way that reflects the high standards we are known for?

Include the following information in your resume:

Your Name
Team Name (if applicable)
Street Address
City, State, Zip
phone number
email address

*Introduce yourself. State your name, where you live, marital status, children. Be personable. Allow us to get to know you to some extent.

*Describe your race vehicle. What year, make, size of the engine. Perhaps you will want to say something about the tow vehicle or the race rig.

*Tell your racing history. When did you actually start racing? ( Not fair to mention street racing. You wouldn't do that anyway... would you?)

*Was there a special influence, person or incident that got you started?

*Tell when and what you did the last season you raced (if applicable).

*What are your goals for this year?

This section is the most essential part of your resume. Be explicit. You don't need to give places, unless it is pertinent to your selling points, but include how many races you intend to participate in and their locations for the entire racing season. If you will be displaying your vehicle in a show, at a dealership, or the local mall be sure to include the information. Even if you are only going to take the vehicle to your son's show-and-tell at school, mention it. The more places your vehicle will be, the more people will see it and that will make your resume more appealing to a sponsor.

*Any additional information By the time you are finished with this part of your resume, we should be able to see a racer who understands their role in the sponsored program, and a racer who is willing to promote our business.

Close with an explanation of how you are going to promote APE. We will be making the right decision when we choose you because you are going to: Promote our company every time you show up at the racetrack. How? You will display our banner. You will have stickers on your bike and patches on your leathers. You'll even have patches on the team shirts. When you are in the winner's circle you will thank the sponsor for all his help.